Our Doctrinal Statement

We believe the Bible to be God’s Holy Word. That He brought all things into being by His Word.That the Word in the person of His Son, took on the form of a man to live, suffer, die and be buried. We believe the Father raised Him from death to raise us out of ours, never to die again.We believe He is the Savior of the world, the risen King of kings and Lord of lords. We believe that He has freed us from sin through the new and everlasting covenant in His blood to be His “new creation.” That we can now live free and decent lives to defend innocents by pushing back the forces of darkness assaulting our culture.

Our work so far

  • For 5 years Omaha for Decency displayed 2 dozen “Real Men Don’t Use Porn” billboards in the Omaha community with Tom Osborne and Ron Brown, as well as a doctor, Astronaut and fireman on the billboards
  • Worked with the Omaha City Prosecutor in bringing 3 convictions against Dr. Johns Novelty & Boutique
  • Ran three 30 second commercials on local TV stations, depiction how porn’s influence leads to sex crimes, with phone numbers for those who wants help with organizations who work with those who are victims or are addicted to porn
  • Picketed many local businesses that carried porn in their stores
  • Created “Do Something About It” designed to teach youth how porn can trap them into addictions
  • Brought Focus On the family “A Generation At Risk” with over 1000 in attendance to help parents be informed on how the porn industry attracts children
  • Held a seminar where the FBI gave expert insight on sexting and the danger it encompasses
  • Met with Governors and Senators about enforcing obscenity
  • Presented over 9000 petitions to the Sarpy County Prosecutor asking him to prosecute obscenity in area stores
  • Had monthly meetings bringing in several different speakers to address the issues of how porn effects families
  • Put out bimonthly newsletter keeping the community informed on issues that need to be addressed
  • Have prayer team set up to pray about issues we are putting in our newsletter

Thank You Friends and Partners of Omaha For Decency for Your Continued Vital Work and Outreach in Our Community!